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National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Stage 1 Model Question Paper
National Talent Search State Level Examination 2007

Class 8 Part -1

Time : 90 Minutes


Read the following instructions before you answer the questions. Answers are to be given in a SEPARATE ANSWER SHEET.

1. Please write your ROLL NLMBER very
clearly (only one digit in one block) as given in your Admission Card.
2. There are 90 questions in this test.
3. Answer to each questions is to be indicated in the ANSWER SHEET by marking X on the serial number of the correct alternative.
Example : [1][2][X][4][5]
4. All questions carry ONE MARK each.
5. There is no negative marking. Every correct answer will be awarded one mark.
6.If you find later that any marking is incorrect, you may blacken that box and mark the correct alternative as per instruction No 3.
7.Do not write your name on any part of the Question Booklet or the Answer Sheet.

Maximum Marks : 100

There are 90 questions in all. For each question five alternative answers are given marked as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. From these, find the correct or most appropriate answer. The number denoting this answer is there in the answer sheet against the question number concerned. Cross (X) that number. Record the answers thus in the answer sheet only. Do not write anythirg in the question booklet except your Roll Numl'er on the cover page and rough work in the space provided for the purpose.



Questions :1- 25 Click here to download

Questions :26- 90 Click here to download

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