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E-Commerce is associated with the buying and selling of informations, products and services via computer networks. It is a new way of conducting, managing and executing business transactions using computer and telecommunication networks. Information superhighway provides transport technology and EDI provides the protocol for computer exchange of business documents in standard from.

The information processing activities in any business can be: -

  • Transaction between company and consumers over the public network-home shopping, home banking electronic cash credit and debit tokens for payments etc.
  • Transaction between trading partners
  • Transaction related to information processing-marketing survey, decision making, solving organizational problems etc.
  • Transaction related to interaction with customers such as advertising marketing, sales etc.

The frame work of e-commerce is:

  • Common business services such as safe delivery system, payment system through I-way, security of Transaction, authentification etc.
  • Sending messages and retrieving information.
  • Multimedia content for publishing, creating product details etc.
  • The information superhighway for providing the highway system along which all e-commerce must travel.
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