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Wireless Application Protocol - WAP

The popularity of digital wireless user-agents has seen staggering growth in recent years with a massive global increase in the use of mobile phones. The addition of further capabilities means that the mobile phone is no longer merely a telephone but a communication device capable of running applications and communicating with other devices and applications over a wireless network.

WAP is the development of established Internet protocols and concepts intend to standardize the way in which pagers, mobile phones, and personal digital assistants access information and services.

The WAP specification is being developed by a democratic consortium called the WAP Forum which is backed by around 90% of the mobile telephone industry. You can see the latest specification developments on the WAP Forum Website at


A simple WAP application consists of files, located on a web server, written in Wireless Markup Language {WML} and possibly script files written in WML Script and graphic files in WML Bitmap format.

The WAP specifications for the client-side provide a layered communication protocol, which is embedded into each WAP- enabled phone, while the server- side uses a gateway through which the application server can communicate with the mobile phone. The gateway is an essential ingredient. It is used to binary encode the WAP content for optimum use of the networks.

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