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Java Server Pages
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Java Server Pages

Java Server Pages is a technology that allows Web pages to be created dynammicaly from the Web server so that the page content can be varied according to circumstances.

This can be used for instance, to provide custom pages according to the identity of the user, the type of Web browser they are using, information they have providedor seletions thet have made.

JSP documens are written in plain text and have a .jsp file extension. They use tags, like those in HTML or XML, to denote JSP elements.

A JSP element is used to dynamically insert content into a page. It can be used for many purposes, such as getting information from a data base or retrieving user preferences.

JSP elements can contain scriplets, written in the java programming language, to provide the logic to determine which content should be generated for a web page.


Alternatively the logic can reside in a server-based resource, such as a JavaBean component, that can be accessed by a JSP tag to generate the content of a page.

The seperation of logic from other content is a particularly appealing future of JSP as it makes page maintenance simpler.

Like the Java servlet technology from which it is derived, JavaServer Pages is completely platform-independent so requires no modifications to run on any platform. It shares the ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ philosophy that is common to all Java technologies.

The JSP specification has been developed by Sun Microsystems in collabration with leading software suppliers.

Sun has made it freely available with the stated goal of having every Web server and application server support the JSP interface.

JavaServer Pages is an important part of Sun’s Java 2 enterprise Edition platform that provides a highly scalable architecture for enterprise applications.

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