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Once source code has been gen, s/w must be listed to uncover (and correct) as many errors as possible before delivery to the customer. The goal is to design a set of test cases that have a high likelihood of finding the errors. S/w testing technique give systematic guidance for designing lists that (i) exercise the internal logic of s/w components (white Box) (ii) exercise the ip and op domains of the prgm to uncover errors in function, behavior, performance etc. In both clases, the intent is to find the max. No. of errors with main effort and tire.
Test should the traceable to customer requirements.
Test planning should begin as soon as the requirement model is complete.
Smaller programming errors contribute to many more no of errors in s/w. So we must isolate the problem component and then test it thoroughly.
Testing should begin in the small and then progress lowered listing in the large.
Exhaustive testing is not possible. But we must adequately cover prgm logic and ensure that all in the component level design have been exercised.
Good test has a high probability of finding an error. For this, the tester must understand the s/w and attempt to dev. a mental picture of how the s/w might fail.
A good test is not redundant. Every test should have different purpose. The testing time and resources are limited. Hence there is no point in conducting a test that has the same purpose as another test.
If there are a of lists with same intent, the one that has the highest likelihood of finding a whole class of errors should be used.
It is is recommended that each test should be exe separately rather than containing a series of lists into one list case.

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