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Any engineered product can be listed is one of two ways.

1) Knowing the specified in that a product has been designed to perform, tests can be conducted that demonstrate each for fully operational while at the same time searching for errors in each tn, called BLACK BOX TESTING. It alludes to test that are conducted at the S/W interface.

Although they are designed to uncover errors, black-box tests are and to demonstrate that S/W fn’s are designed to uncover errors black box tests are and to demonstrate that s/w fn’s are operational, that ip is properly accepted and op is correctly of external info. (eg. Data) is maintained. A black – box test examines little regard for the internal logical structure of the software testing.

2) Knowing the internal working of a product, tests can be conducted to ensure that all internal operations are performed according to spec and all internal components have been adequately exercised. This is called WHITE BOX TESTING or GLASS BOX TESTING. Which box testing assert an close examination of procedural detail. Logical paths through the s/w are listed by providing test cases that exercise specific sets of and/ or loops. The status of the program can be examined at various pts to det of the expected or asserted status corresponds to the actual status. Here the test case design is using structure of the procedural design.
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