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Using white box testing method, the software engineer can drive cases that
1) Guarantee that all independent paths within a module have been exercised at least once.
2) Exercise all logical divisions on their true and false sides.
3) Exercise all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds.
4) Exercise internal data structures to ensure their validity.

CONTROLE STRUCTURE TESTING : This alludes to white box-testing method.

1) Basic path Testing:

This enables the tester to drive a logical complexity measure of a procedural design and are this measure as a guide for defining a basis set of execution paths. Test cases derived to exercise the basis set are guaranteed to execute every during testing.

We may are ‘FLOW GRAPH NOTATION’ as a useful loop for understanding control flow and illustrating the approach.

We can are ‘CYLLOMETRIC COMPLEXITY’ is a software metric that provides a quantitative measure of the logical complexity of a program. Here, the value computed for cyclometric complexity defines the No. of independent paths is the basis set of program and provides as with the upped bound for the No. of tests that be conducted to ensure that all statements have been exercise at least once.

2) Condition Testing :
This test case design method exercise the logical condn’s contained in the program module. It has adv. like (i) measurement of test coverage of a cond’n is sample. (ii) The test coverage of condn’s is a program provides guidance for the gen of additional tests for the program.

BRANCH TESTING : for a compound condn’s C, the true and false branches of C and every sample cond’n in C need to be exec. at least once

DOMAIN TESTING, required there of four tests to be derived for a relational exprsm.

3) Data flow Testing
This method selects test paths of a program according to the locations of defines and cases variable in the program.

4) Loop Testing:
1) Start at the internal loop set all other loops to
2) Conduct simple test for investment loops while holding the outer loops their min interaction parameter ( loop counter) values. Add other tests for out of range or excluded values.
3) Work outward, conducting test for the next loops but keeping all other outer loops at min. values.
4) Continue till the last loop.

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