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Strength of Materials


Structural Analysis & Design


Strength of Materials


  1. Stresses
  2. Strains
  3. Relationship between Stress and Strain
  4. Poisson’s Ratio
  5. Complementary Strain
  6. Direct Stresses Developed Due to Simple Shear
  7. Relationship among the elastic constants
  8. Bars of uniform section
1. Introduction
When a force is applied on a body it suffers a change in shape, that is, it deforms. A force to resist the deformation is also set up simultaneously within the body and it increases as the deformation continues.

The process of deformation stops when the internal resisting force equals the externally applied force. If the body is unable to put up full resistance to external action, the process of deformation continues until failure takes place. The deformation of a body under external action and accompanying resistance to deform are referred to by the terms strain and stress respectively.
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