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Civil Engineering

Strength of Materials


Structural Analysis & Design

Theory of Structural Analysis & Design
  1. General
  2. Design Procedure
  3. Loads
  4. Preliminary Analysis and Design
  5. Analysis and Design of Slabs
  6. Analysis and Design of Main Beams
  7. Analysis and Design of Columns
  8. Analysis and Design of Footings
  9. Design of Staircase
  10. Design of Water Tanks
  11. Analysis of Frames
  12. Analysis of Wind Loads
  13. Analysis of EarthQuake Loads

Any engineering structure should satisfy the functional and structural, have a sufficient degree of performance, a reasonable cost and should be aesthetically attractive. The purpose of structural analysis and design is to enable the designer to design the structure with adequate strength, stiffness and stability. The general procedure is as follows.

  1. Based on space requirements and shape, suitable structural frame works are selected.
  2. Based on preliminary analysis and experience approximate dimensions of various structural members are fixed.
  3. Detailed analysis is performed to determine the bending moments, shear force, axial forces etc at the required section.
  4. Using the result of analysis the various members are designed ensuring adequate factor of safety(FS).
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