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Civil Engineering

Strength of Materials


Structural Analysis & Design

6. Analysis & Design of Main Beams
The loads acting on main beams are self weight, loads from slabs and weight of wall. The main beams were analyzed by two cycle moment distribution method and designed by limit state method.


7. Analysis & Design of Columns
The load acting on the columns are these transferred by beams and self weight. The frames were analyzed by two cycle momet distribution method and designed for axial loads and bending moments using SP16.
8. Analysis & Design of Footings
The footings were proportioned so that the bearing pressure does not exceed the safe bearing capacity of the soil. The bending moments and shears were determined at critical sections and the footings as isolated footing were designed by limit state method.
11. Analysis of Frames
Multi storied frames have high degree of static and kinematic indeterminacy. A rigorous analysis of such frames consume considerable resources, time and effort. Hence the building codes allow approximate methods based on many simplifications and assumptions, there by affecting a compromise between the expenses, time and effort incurred in performing a rigorous analysis and the savings resulting there from.
Two cycle moment distribution method is used to analyse frames. It is an approximate method based on the assumptions that transfer of moments does not take place from floor to floor. The method gives sufficiently accurate results due to the fact that moments carried from floor to floor through columns are small compared t beam moments.

The analysis of multi story frame is done by considering one floor at a time. Each floor is taken with column above and below and maintain and shears are calculated in beams and columns.
12. Analysis for Wind Loads
Wind loads acting to the building are taken into consideration. Analysis for wind loads are done using portal frame method and the loads are calculated using IS 875 (Part 3) 1987.
13. Analysis for Earthquake Loads
Earthquake effects are considered. Load calculations are done by seismic coefficient method using IS 1893-1984. Analysis is done by portal frame method.
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