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Civil Engineering

Strength of Materials


Structural Analysis & Design

Theory of Structural Analysis & Design - Design Procedure
The vertical loads are taken by slabs and transferred to main beams. Columns take the loads from main beams and transfers it to the foundation, which finally transfers to the ground. Hence it is important that the design procedure also be in that order.


3. Loads
A structure should be strong enough to support the loads acting on it. Hence estimation of the loads with sufficient accuracy is very essential in structural design. A structure may be acted up on by many types of loads. Dead Loads are estimated based on unit weight of materials. The live load on floors and the wind loads are obtained. The effect of earth quake load is also considered and loads are calculated according to the standards of building codes.
4. Preliminary Analysis and Design
Inorder to analyze statically indeterminate structures the dimensions of the member should be known. Moreover any member is acted upon by its own self weight and hence to design such a member its self weight must be known. Hence the approximate dimensions of various members are fixed, before carrying out a detailed analysis and design. This is done by performing a preliminary analysis from experience. The allowable span-depth ratio is taken from IS456 - 1978 clause 22.2.1
5. Analysis and Design of Slabs
Live loads on slab are taken from IS 875-1964. Depending on the support condition and span ratios the slabs are analyesd in accordance with IS456 -1978 clause 22.2.1. Slabs were designed by limit state using SP16.
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